Fleet Management

AutoEase offers a partnership approach to Fleet Management which is flexible, approachable and cost-effective. We are always fully transparent and work to achieve your KPI’s.

You can leverage the power of our IT platforms to help keep your records in check. Therefore, you can rely on strong advice, ongoing reviews and reporting.

This is what you can expect from our Fleet Management services.

A Service Bookings / Maintenance Costs

Convenient Locations: Through organisation we establish suitable preferred garages within regions that are convenient for region/driver locations. A service framework is agreed upon between service partners and AutoEase in line with your UK requirements.

Maintenance Costs: Labour costs are negotiated and passed on at a cost – average labour rates will be initially circa £45 per hour in our independent network. This is a barometer and can be subject to regional fluctuations (e.g. you pay more within M25).

We work on a strict order number basis. We check all invoices matched to a job request. This enables us to check on history prior to authorisation. We strictly monitor costs to ensure that abnormalities are flagged and interrogated.

Booking Convenience: bookings are made by the drivers through AutoEase, or direct with service partners. AutoEase will organise replacement vehicles automatically. We’re pro-active in booking as early as possible. Reminders from services and bookings are sent automatically by email, to ensure we can start the process as soon as possible.

We offer drivers a single support line to cover service bookings, accidents and breakdowns.

Fleet & Driver Management – Fleetsafe Control System

Fleetsafe Control monitors all aspects of vehicles and drivers. in real time. This helps report on tasks which acquire prolonged periods of attention. The system can report on individual compliance to rules, and overall driver performance. You’re able to access this data right at your fingertips.

Driver & Vehicle Records

You can access all of your records with any internet connection. Your records are securely backed-up. They can link a vehicle directly to a driver, therefore showing “Who drove what?” and “When?”.

Vehicle Checks

Our system will ensure essential vehicle safety requirements are met. This includes MOT, Service, Road Tax and Insurance. We also provide assistance to drivers for booking service and repairs at a discounted fleet rate. In addition, we recommend that you conduct a quick visual check.

Driver Checks

Our system looks after all driver safety checks: This is where major internal cost savings can be achieved.

  1. DVLA Licence check (automated)
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Safety Questionnaire
  4. Highway code knowledge test-optional

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