About Us

Autoease is a leading provider of vehicle finance to the South West. If you're looking for a commercial fleet, a single vehicle, or even just sound advice—you're in the right place.

We're automotive professionals with years of experience in vehicle financing and management. Since 2000, we're the only company who offers a "whole fleet" solution. This means we'll source all of your vehicles, provide checks and insurance for drivers, and provide systems to keep your records in pristine order.

We know managing a fleet isn't easy—and we know many of the common "headaches"—so, we really aim to put the "ease" in managing and scaling a fleet.

We're able to obtain high fleet-discounts through our network of dealers and manufacturers. We pass these savings right along to our clients. This allows you to walk away with a deal that's even better than a branded dealership. We can also offer flexible finance options through our major leasing partners. No matter if you're interested in purchasing, contract hire, financing or leasing.

Questions? Need some advice? Give us a call, and we'd be happy to help you out.

AutoEase Credentials:

Data Protection Registered (registration no. Z7714422)
FCA Fully Authorised (registration no. 689175)
BVRLA member (ref 1681)